Corporate Partnerships

Are you ready to be a change-maker? We partner with organisations and companies that are committed to increasing opportunities for TSF old and young people.

We have a strong track record of creating bespoke, mutually beneficial partnerships with a range of businesses and across different types of collaborations. To support a TSF partner in your area, please find out where we work and either contact the project lead directly. We are happy to give you additional information on the networks and advise where your donation would be best allocated.

Partnership Networks

TSF has deep connections with a network of local, state and national partners to fight hunger. We truly value all our generous supporters and donors.  There are many ways your organisation can support the work we do. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch with our partnerships team today or fill out the form below!

Partnering with TSF is more than just corporate social responsibility; it is about joining a movement of purpose-driven businesses on a mission for a fairer and more prosperous world.





As a financial partner, we will work with you to tailor a partnership that is mutually beneficial and includes access to unique partner benefits. These benefits can include volunteering and other staff engagement opportunities, a Food Pantry or Foodbank speaker at a major event/meeting, access to our research reports, case studies and impact updates to share with your team. Is your organisation able to help contribute financially to help fight hunger in Nigeria? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our partnerships team today to discuss.


Partnering with The Samaritans Foundation is about more than just Corporate Social Responsibility; it is about joining a movement of purpose-driven businesses on a mission for a more fair and prosperous world.

We partner with action-focused organisations that want to see real impact and social return for their corporate giving.  Are you ready to be a change-maker?


Governments are TSF's principal partners. The Samaritans Foundation wants to consult with national and local authorities at every stage of the planning process. The Programme may provide the food aid itself and, in some cases, the technical and logistical expertise, but its projects always require the full support and involvement of individual governments.  In an ideal world, it is the national government that must request TSF's intervention in development projects, so the Food programme's work must fit into the national picture.


Finding Synergy

Let’s see where your goals and ours intersect. You might want a stable supply of quality products, we want a fair price for farmers. You might be developing products and services that vulnerable and marginalised communities need, we want to increase access to markets for these communities.  We have a vast wide network, we can help you understand the risks and opportunities facing local communities and build sustainable solutions together. 

Funding Projects and Providing Expertise

Help a fledgling business take off and you could lift hundreds out of poverty. You could fund a health project or provide emergency funding after a crisis. You could provide technology or expertise to build local skills. There are many ways to work with The Samaritans Foundation. 

Support a Business

We know considerable companies regularly deal with the government and we know that our problems are often your concerns too. You can help TSF get heard in high places while your business gains a deeper insight into poverty reduction and difficult development challenges. 


Achieving zero hunger and placing an end to food poverty In our country is the work of many. To pursue this goal, The Samaritans Foundation works collaboratively with thousands of partners, including governments, private sectors, global agencies, international finance groups, academia, NGOs and other civil society groups. TSF always rely on partnerships to drive our activities and, in support of the zero hunger project.

We are committed and ready to work with a wide range of partners in new ways, including leveraging multi-stakeholder partnerships, to better meet people’s needs and leave no one behind. This new way of working together is going to reflect on the partnership, which serves as a pillar of TSF's strategic plan on putting an end to food insecurity.

Food Donations

Food and grocery donations from industry partners help The Samaritans Foundation food pantry network reach more people experiencing food poverty. We receive food donations from national and local retailers, food service providers, and food companies. Then we move donated food and groceries to member food banks in communities where food is needed the most.


Companies of all sizes can make a difference. The Samaritans Foundation works closely with:

  • National food and grocery manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Shippers
  • Packers
  • Growers



The Samaritans Foundation food pantry can accept a variety of excess food and grocery donations including, but not limited to:

  • Discontinued products
  • Recalled items
  • Imperfect or underweight packaging
  • Quality control
  • Food approaching expiration

TSF also accepts approvingly perishable commodities such as milk, protein, and fresh produce, which help keep healthy food accessible to neighbours visiting member food pantries.