What’s the right membership grade for you?

TSF membership grades reflect your level of impact within the charity organisation. Your member grade shows the world, clients, and members what you offer as a loyal TSF, so make sure you keep up your matches to the capabilities.

There’s a membership grade to suit everyone volunteering and supporting at TSF, from a Standard member building their status up for the future to a Platinum member, putting efforts and loyalties into practice.


Your TSF Journey Continues — Your Efforts in Fighting Hunger Have Been Rewarded.

Once you’ve attained Bronze Membership, you’re eligible to be manually selected for Silver Membership by the TSF team. This isn’t something you can apply for — you’re chosen because you have given your time, your money or your expertise so that the poorest people in Nigeria might have a brighter future.

How Do I Get Selected for Silver Membership?

Once you’ve joined TSF and donated, you’re on your way to moving through the membership ranks. But we’re in this fight for the long haul — and we want you to be there with us. That’s why you don’t apply for Silver Membership… you get chosen by our team of administrators and board members.

Why do we do this? Well, because we believe that people who show a long-term commitment to the cause of fighting poverty deserve special recognition.

You can’t “buy” your way to Silver Membership. Over time, our admin staff will review your donations, as well as other contributions such as time, and knowledge of philanthropic efforts.

If we notice that you’re a regular contributor to TSF, you’ll be shortlisted for further consideration. Sometimes, however, candidates for Silver Membership are brought to our attention by other users. So, if you’re regularly going above and beyond the expectations of TSF, you’ll eventually be recognized.

What Are the Benefits of Silver Membership?

As a Silver Member, it’s only right that you reap certain benefits. You’ve shown that you’re determined in your efforts to fight poverty and hunger, so you should be rewarded accordingly. 

As a Silver Member, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits:

  •  A dedicated Silver account — with exclusive access to the TSF office
  • A special badge/pin featuring the Silver Member emblem
  • Access to the TSF gift store at Amazon.com — where you’ll find exclusive discounts on premium purchases
  • Regular job vacancy updates — before anyone else
  • Exclusive invitations to special events, meetings and seminars at TSF
  • The opportunity to recommend Standard and Bronze members for promotion to Silver Membership
  • The chance to become a TSF Food Bank agent
  • The opportunity to apply for a special contract with TSF

Being a Silver Member at TSF isn’t about how much you give — it’s about how devoted you are to ending food insecurity and poverty in Nigeria.



Gold Status Is awarded to TSF Members who consistently demonstrate their determination to defeat hunger and poverty for good.

If you’re a committed and generous TSF member over an extended period, you’ll already be impressing the admins and board members. You may already be a silver member, but not necessarily. But you will be the kind of person we love at TSF — a person who’s passionate about equality and empowering people to improve their lives.

How Do I Get Selected for Gold Membership?

There’s no clearly defined path to Gold Membership. That’s because we like to reserve it for people who consistently go above and beyond our expectations. You don’t apply to be a Gold Level TSF member — you’re chosenIn most cases, Gold members consistently demonstrate their generosity over a prolonged period. They give their time, money, or expertise to our cause, and they act as ambassadors for TSF. Our admins are always assessing the work and generosity of our members. When they identify someone who deserves Gold Membership, we contact them directly to notify them of our decision.

What Are the Benefits of Gold Membership?

If you’ve been awarded Gold Membership, you’re entitled to all the same benefits Silver members receive. You’ll be given a private account that entitles you to direct communications with the TSF team. Typically, Gold members are people who give generously regularly, but who don’t have time to volunteer.

Gold Membership is rare, however. It’s not bestowed on just anyone. Only those who give large sums regularly receive this honour. In most cases, Gold members are government ministers, business people, celebrities etc. who can’t volunteer regularly due to their work commitments.

As a Gold member, you’ll receive a special Gold Membership account, as well as free emblems, Gold stickers and a Gold pin badge.



AT TSF, we work with some of the most generous people in the world. But from time to time, someone surprises us with a huge donation — whether in terms of cash, time or expertise.

We’re keen to recognise and reward people who make a difference in the plight of Nigeria’s most vulnerable and needy. That’s why we reserve Platinum Membership for the most spectacular people within our organisation.

How Do I Get Selected for Platinum Membership?

There isn’t a clear pathway to Platinum Membership. Instead, we constantly assess the contributions of our members to check they’re being recognised accordingly. If we find out that someone can help us significantly, or who has demonstrated incredible levels of generosity, we’ll recommend they receive our highest accolade.

In truth, anyone can eventually become a Platinum member. By consistently demonstrating our values and giving either your time or your money, you can get yourself noticed by our admins. If we believe you’re worthy of Platinum Membership, we’ll reach out to you.

What Are the Benefits of Platinum Membership? 

As a Platinum member, you’ll receive all the benefits of Gold and Silver Membership. But this is a highly respected and auspicious reward that comes with enhanced status and standing within our organisation.

Once you’re selected, you’ll become a TSF - VIP. Simply having this status will help you in both your personal and professional life. Whether you want to get ahead in politics or business, being a Platinum VIP will undoubtedly impress the right people.

Mention your Platinum status on your resume/CV, and you’ll be demonstrating to employers that you’re reliable, compassionate, and responsible. Companies, charities and political organisations across Nigeria recognise TSF’s Platinum status as an incredible achievement.


Prestige, Recognition, Appreciation - Your Member Level Matters!

TSF Acknowledges You


Silver membership status is awarded to Standard TSF members who’ve shown us they’re ready to fight hunger and poverty until it’s defeated. You’ll probably be at the beginning of your journey with us, but you’ll already have demonstrated your commitment to the cause. Silver members are chosen by the admin team. You can’t apply, but you’ll be noticed by our admins if you’re generous with your time, money or expertise. As a Silver member, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive discounts, special offers and the TSF anchor pin to start with. Our Silver members account for the majority of the TSF family, so we expect them to show an ongoing commitment to defeating hunger and food insecurity for good.


Gold members are among our most loyal contributors. They give their time, money or expertise generously — helping TSF to fight hunger and poverty. Become a Gold member means yo have demonstrated your commitment over an extended period. You may be a Silver member, but you may also be awarded Gold status if you have demonstrated determination and generosity that goes above and beyond what is expected at the Standard level. Gold members are rewarded for their commitment with special offers, discounts, VIP access and lots more. You'll also be given priority access to the admin team, ensuring your ideas and contributions are always at the front of the queue. 


Platinum members are the most senior fundraisers and activists within the TSF family. They take control and drive our most crucial initiatives and strategies, so they’re expected to give their time and expertise generously. Chosen for their commitment and determination by the admins. Platinum members are awarded a wide range of benefits, including discounts, special offers, VIP access and much more. To be chosen as a Platinum member, you must have demonstrated your commitment to fighting poverty and hunger over an extended period. As well as being given access to the Admin team. Platinum members also receive an anchor badge pin.

Anchor Pin Badge

If TSF is a modern-day ark, the anchor is the team of people that makes our charitable work possible. Without our volunteers and donors, we’d drift and eventually wash up ashore. We’re determined to show our appreciation for the hard work, generosity and sacrifice made to ensure the most vulnerable in Nigeria have the opportunity to escape a lifetime of poverty. And what better symbol represents our appreciation than an anchor.

We can’t help people to escape lifelong poverty and hunger without the help of our members. Whether you’re a Silver or Gold TSF member, we want to give you something that you can cherish for a lifetime. With this in mind, we’re giving anchor pin badges to the people who make our charitable work in Nigeria possible. When you join TSF, you’re automatically given a Standard Level membership. And depending on how you help us, you can rise through the ranks to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels.

Only the most dedicated and generous people are chosen by the TSF team for Silver, Gold and Platinum membership. And to mark such an honour, we give each member a unique TSF anchor pin badge. 


An anchor is a tool that keeps a ship from drifting off and being destroyed. The simplest anchors or small and held in place with rope. But for the larger, heavier ships, iron chains provide maximum strength. 

Anchors have been used for symbolic purposes since around 312BCE when they were etched into coins by the Seleucid Empire. Representing power, the coins also featured an image of Alexander the Great. 

Strength, faith and hope have been represented by the anchor for centuries. In the stormiest of waters, an anchor holds a vulnerable ship in place — and keeps every soul on board safe. 

Even today, the anchor has a powerful message. No matter how tough times are, there are always people around us to provide us with strength, hope and faith. For some people, family is their anchor. But for vulnerable people in Nigeria struggling in abject poverty, TSF is their anchor — providing hope and strength when it’s needed most.


If you’re the kind of TSF member who consistently helps to secure the TSF ark in stormy waters, we believe you should be rewarded with a symbol of our appreciation. When you’re selected to become a Silver member, you’ll be given the following:

A plain silver anchor pin badge — for being chosen by the TSF team as a Silver member

A silver anchor pin badge with rope — for continued generosity and commitment as a Silver member

A silver anchor pin badge with chain — for exceeding expectations consistently as an established Silver member

The silver anchor we give you is a symbol of your hard work, dedication and generosity. It’s also an indication of how long you’ve been with us. Over time, this symbol will become synonymous with TSF and the work we do to combat hunger. Wearing it will get you noticed and impress employers, investors, friends, and family.


The TSF team continually monitors the work, dedication and generosity of members. When we notice someone has demonstrated these traits regularly over a prolonged period, we may consider them for Gold Level membership.

Being selected as a Gold TSF member is a big deal for everyone concerned. For us, it’s a sign that the work we’re doing is inspiring people to give their time, expertise and resources. For the member, it’s vindication and recognition of the role they’ve played in making life better for the most vulnerable people in Nigeria.

When you’re selected for Gold membership, you’ll be given the following:

A plain gold anchor pin badge — your welcome gift for being selected for Gold membership

A gold anchor pin badge with rope — for ongoing commitment and hard work in the fight against hunger and poverty

A gold anchor pin badge with chain — for going above and beyond our expectations continually.

If you’ve received an anchor pin badge from the TSF team, wear it with pride — it’s a symbol of what you mean to us and the most vulnerable people in Nigeria.